Our Services

Cancer Care

Our hospital was one of the first in West Virginia to receive accreditation from the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer. Click here to learn more.

Cardiopulmonary Department

Every day, our highly trained staff works to help people with heart and lung diseases achieve a higher quality of life. Click here to learn more.

da Vinci Surgical System

Now available at Princeton Community Hospital, the da Vinci Surgical System brings the most advanced robotic and computer technology to today’s surgeons. Click here to learn more.

Emergency Department

When every minute counts, it’s critical to have a leading Emergency Department nearby. With Princeton Community Hospital’s state-of-the-art ER, you do. Click here to learn more.

Home Health Services

When it comes to healing from an illness or accident, there’s truly no place like home. That’s why patients and their families value the services of PCH Home Health. Click here to learn more.

Inpatient Services

We offer a top-to-bottom range of medical and surgical services to inpatients staying with us for at least one night. Click here to learn more.

Laboratory Services

Two components are critical in lab testing: timeliness and accuracy. Our medical professionals use the latest technologies to ensure that our patients and their physicians get both. Click here to learn more.

Medical Imaging Services

Our imaging capabilities are among the most cutting-edge in our area. They give our physicians the tools they need to diagnose and determine lifesaving treatment plans. Click here to learn more.

Nutrition Therapy Services

We use nutrition therapy to prevent and treat many prevalent medical conditions such as diabetes. It’s also critical in providing care to patients with anorexia nervosa, bulimia and other eating disorders. Click here to learn more.

OB/GYN Services

Our modern and beautiful Women’s Center is ideal for the women of our community, whether they’re being proactive about their reproductive health or welcoming a new addition to their families. Click here to learn more.

Occupational Therapy Services

Our occupational therapists help people young and old better manage the activities of their day-to-day lives. Click here to learn more.

Orthopedic Center

The Orthopedic Center’s advanced program in joint replacement is a personal program designed to decrease your pain and speed recovery following joint replacement surgery. Click here to learn more.

Outpatient Services

We provide a wide variety of diagnostic and treatment services to patients not staying with us in the hospital, all offered in a comfortable and convenient setting. Click here to learn more.

Physical Therapy Services

When a member of our community is dealing with an illness or injury that compromises their mobility – and, certainly, their quality of life – we can help. Click here to learn more.

Psychiatric Services

When changes in mental health affect quality of life, we’re here. We can help patients cope with today’s challenges and live happier, healthier lives. Click here to learn more.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services

Diseases of the lungs take many forms but have a common effect: They prevent us from enjoying our favorite activities. We can help you control your symptoms and enjoy life more fully. Click here to learn more.

Sleep Center Services

If you’re among the millions of Americans struggling with a sleep disorder, we can help. Our Sleep Lab offers all-night studies designed to identify problems and correct them for a better sleep and a better life. Click here to learn more.

Surgical Services

When you need a surgical procedure – whether it’s a relatively routine diagnostic procedure or a highly complex and potentially lifesaving one – it’s good to know that our surgeons, anesthesiologists and facilities are state-of-the-art. Click here to learn more.