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Keep Your Appointment from the Comfort and Safety of Your Home!

To all Mercer Medical Group Patients (Athens Medical Center, MMG Primary Care, MMG Cardiology, MMG ENT, MMG General Surgery, MMG Nephrology, MMG Neurology, MMG Pulmonology, MMG Urology, MMG Women’s Health) and The Behavioral Health Pavilion Outpatients:

For your health and safety, and to allay any concerns you have regarding an office visit at this time, we are offering virtual appointments via computer, tablet, iPad, smartphone, or regular telephone for certain appointment types. 

Telehealth (computer, tablet, iPad, or smartphone connected to the internet) or Virtual Visit (via regular telephone) will enable you to keep your appointment from the comfort and safety of your home. Telehealth is for Medicare and most insurances, except Medicaid. Virtual Visit is for Medicare only.

Please call your Mercer Medical Group office or The Behavioral Health Pavilion Outpatient office for details and instructions on using these new options.

Call us today to learn more about this exciting new technology!

Athens Medical Center304.384.7325
MMG Primary Care304.487.7936
MMG Cardiology304.431.7200
MMG ENT304.487.3407
MMG General Surgery304.425.1852
MMG Nephrology304.425.0345
MMG Neurology304.431.7200
MMG Pulmonology304.425.0403
MMG Urology304.425.6525
MMG Women’s Health304.425.0025
The Behavioral Health Pavilion Outpatient Programs304.327.9205


Quality health care is important to you and your family. You want the peace of mind that comes from knowing a premier hospital is accessible without traveling. You want medical care delivered by highly trained and compassionate doctors, nurses, technologists and caregivers. You also want them to have the latest technologies, equipment and facilities in support of their lifesaving work. The PCH Foundation exists to help make all of those things happen. As a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, we support Princeton Community Hospital in its mission of providing quality health care to all members of our community, regardless of their ability to pay. To that end, the foundation depends on the generosity of individuals, families, organizations and grant funds. For more information, please contact the Princeton Community Hospital Foundation. P.O. Box 1369 Princeton, WV 24740 Phone: (304) 487-7586 Fax: (304) 487-2161

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