PCH Hospitalists

Left to right: Christopher Daniel, D.O.; Tim Prescott, P.A.; Brandon Fain, P.A.; Yoginder K. Yadav, M.D.; and Kristin Bowman, D.O.

Hospitalists form one of the newest specialties in health care. Our PCH team of Hospitalists consists of board certified family practice and internal medicine doctors who specialize in the practice of hospital medicine by providing excellent inpatient care.

Yoginder K. Yadav, M.D., Medical Director, Hospitalist Services:

“The Hospitalists oversee all facets of inpatient care. They work with the various consultants, help provide a smoother transition to outpatient care once the patient is discharged, coordinate care with the patient’s family practice physician, and, overall, improve outcomes as well as quality of care for our community in general. Our Hospitalists come from noted institutions where they have been well trained. They are able to bring that expertise into our community and improve the wellbeing of area residents right here at home. Many hospitalist programs are co-management programs. In larger hospitals, most of the responsibility of management is on consultants. The hospitalist group at PCH is very strong and they do the opposite. Here, the hospitalists manage most of the problems.

The hospitalists’ subspecialty support in a rural hospital is different than you would find in larger tertiary care hospitals. In our local environment, we take care of very complex patient conditions. Our patient population includes many retirees and disabled folks. That leads to an increase of comorbidity (simultaneous presence of two chronic diseases or conditions in a patient) so when they are admitted to the hospital, they are often very sick. Heart disease, diabetes, and lung disease are prevalent in the area as well. We care for patients suffering from these conditions and we are fortunate to have every member of the hospitalist team working hard to provide excellent care. Our group is highly trained and we have excellent relationships with area physicians. We are tied to CAMC and that helps us improve care in our community and it helps patients that need to go for a higher level of care in Charleston. Many in our group have local ties and PCH is a great place to work. We are happy to be here.”

The Hospitalists at PCH rank well above state and national averages in terms of the quality of
care they provide. We have a stable team of physicians who have been here for several years.
Several of our staff are local. After completing medical training, they retuned home to lend their
expertise in the care of family, friends, and neighbors in Mercer and surrounding counties.

Our Hospitalist Group:

Bradley Bailey, PA-C
Kristin Bowman, DO
Ryan Craddock, DO
Kara Conley, NP-C
Chris Daniel, DO
Kaitlin Douglas, NP-C
Ahmad Eter, MD
Brandon Fain, PA-C
Pennie Goins, FNP-BC
Cathy Hamblin, FNP-BC
Angie Hutchinson, FNP-BC
David Hutchison, PA-C
Melissa Lilly, PA-C
Olga McDaniel, MD
Sean McKenzie, FNP-BC
Megan Meadows, FNP-BC
Dax Murillo, DO
Lynn Pendleton
DW Perdue, PA-C
Tim Prescott, PA-C
Arthi Price, PA-C
Razelle Reyes, DO
Cassidy Smith, DO
Edmond Smith, FNP-BC
Matt Terry, FNP-BC
Shawn Vest, FNP-BC
Corey White, DO
Yoginder Yadav, MD

Left to right: Bradley Bailey, PA-C; Dax Murillo, DO; Megan Meadows, FNP-BC; Yoginder Yadav, MD, Medical Director; Pennie Goins, FNP-BC; and Lynn Pendleton, Program Coordinator.
Hospitalists provide round the clock coverage. Three hospitalist teams round from 7:00 a.m. to7:00 p.m. and consist of a physician and a mid-level (nurse practitioner, physician assistant, clinical nurse specialist). One physician provides coverage to the entire house from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. There is also a mid-level provider at The Behavioral Healthcare Pavilion in Bluefield, where consult service is provided. An increase in census has warranted a newly designated position that now includes a mid-level staff working from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. to assist both the daytime and nighttime staff during peak hours and to maintain the required timely documentation.
The PCH Hospitalist Group works closely with the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine (WVSOM) and routinely serves as preceptor for students during the academic year. PCH is one of the major teaching sites for WVSOM. Students complete their third and fourth year rotation here and PCH is the most sought after location according to WVSOM officials. Many of the students return after graduation to join the hospital. Dr. Mark Weitzel with MMG-ENT was one of those students. Dr. Ryan Craddock, Dr. Razelle Reyes, Dr. Cassidy Smith, and Dr. Corey White, all current hospitalists, were WVSOM students.

We are a group of medical professionals proudly providing healthcare to our family and friends in the community and the surrounding area. It is an honor to serve, and it is our goal to offer uncompromised, quality care.

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